You know all those things
you’ve always wanted to do? 

You should go do them!

Would you like to work one on one with a prize-nominated writer?

Do you dream of writing a novel but fear the process?

Perhaps, you just want to “brainstorm” your novel idea?

Would you like to enhance your emotional wellbeing using established and proven journal therapy techniques?

Do you want to leave a record of your life for your children or grandchildren?

Do you need help writing a memoir, short story, a college essay or blog post?

I can help you!


My name is Zvezdana Rashkovich!

As a Book Coach and Mentor I devote time to inspire, guide, teach and motivate writers.

Once you have your story on paper, we begin the process of editing the manuscript.

Then, we sculpt, refine and fine tune until it’s a polished work that you can be proud to share with the world.

Start writing from the Heart!

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