Write from the Heart Mentoring Program
Think of the writing Mentor as your book Project Manager. I will
devote their time to inspire, guide, teach and motivate you while you
write — and then — edit, sculpt and refine your work. The tradition of
writers giving feedback to each other is necessary no matter at what
stage or level of writing you may be.

Each project is unique as is the writer. 
I formulate the mentoring that best suits you, based on your knowledge of
writing practices, how far into the project you are, the genre of the project,
and after assessing the motivations, commitment and the expectations you
have from yourself and your work.
I can help!

Strengthening and polishing your work in order to maximize your
chances, make an impact and become successful.
And if your main goal is just to get better at writing in general, I can
help with that, too.
The type of One-on-One writing service that is right for you will vary
depending on your particular needs.
Here are the options—each one available either in Dubai, Cairo in
person Belgrade or online anywhere else in the world.
(These components are agreed upon at the initial discovery call

This program is for the writer who wants to write a book or
project over time under the guidance of a mentor. The program is an
individualized process tailored after a (free) 30- minute initial
“discovery” call via zoom or other platform. After discussing your project, your
vision for what you intend to accomplish, and after reviewing a
sample of your writing I assess the level of mentoring needed.
My role is to guide you as you write your book, to provide
resources, inspiration and feedback.
It’s a personalized relationship; weekly emails with advice,
assignments, critique, and inspiration constructed to fit your particular
needs and schedule. Weekly calls and/or Whatsapp voice notes are
tools I use to provide information when necessary. 

(Schedule can be adjusted.)

I am flexible with schedule because we are human beings!
There is a pandemic going on and we travel or feel unwell, and
life happens! However, all missed assignments or calls will be made
up … in general, the process is a gentle but firm unfolding for you as
well as for the book that is waiting to be written.
Remember you are in it for the long haul!
You will be learning how to write first and writing daily! There
will be days you will write less and days you will write more. As long
as there are words on the page it’s all good. The point is to get in the
habit of writing – evolving with your writing.
You are the writer. I am the guide. You will write the book so
your commitment is vital!
Write from your heart!

The program is tailored to finishing a manuscript within six months. 

Developmental editing is included in the mentoring package. (word count may be adjusted.)

Payment schedule to be agreed upon after assessment of writing sample.

This is not a creative writing program.
It is not a 30-day or 90-day step by step write-a-book-program.
(I expect you to be able to write using standard writing
practices. It would take too long to teach all the components of
Creative Writing in addition to mentoring and developmental editing.)

This is a Life-Affirming Moment. It is your brave step into the
world of writing Your Story from the Heart and a step you are taking
after many years of doubt and delay. This is an important decision
and so is your future book. I honor your choice and working with you!
Our relationship is much more than a business relationship. I
consider my mentees friends and family. Their book is also MY book
and I want them to succeed!
Mentoring works best as a sustained relationship over a longer
period of time.
Developmental editing looks at the content:
Sentence structure
-POV (Point of View)
-Adhering to English writing practices
-Stylistic choices
-Word choice
-Structure of the book
-Narrative arc
-Character development etc.

In my mentoring, I use journal therapy techniques to help you
unearth the story within you. As a certified meditation coach I also
utilize meditative writing to help you ease into your story. Often, your
writing changes course once the synergy of these processes occurs.
It makes sense doesn’t it? As you grow in confidence as a writer and
gain clarity about the story – you might reflect and change your mind
about what to write!
Sometimes, it will be possible to change course… I am here to
help you with this decision.
My purpose isn’t just getting words on the page but allowing
you to find the path and the courage to tell the real story you want to
tell. It’s a therapeutic process and writing might take you places you
didn’t know you could go. During the six-month mentoring,
adjustments can be made to accommodate these changes. However,
changes will prolong the process. Keep that in mind as we unravel
the story that lies within you.
Adjust accordingly.
Six-month mentoring and Developmental Editing Program
 Weekly email
 Weekly resources. (How to write videos, music playlist,
meditations, poetry and writing prompts)
 Weekly feedback
 Two hours /week call on Zoom or other
 Writing assignments.
 Reading assignments.
 Developmental Editing
 Whatsapp access to me. 

(I reserve the right to respond within 24 hrs.)

 Review of your submitted pages in comments (please send
your work in Microsoft Word doc. Standard industry style
which means: one inch margins all the way around the
document, double- spaced and Times New Roman 12-point font)


What do I ask, from you, the Writer?
You are asked to explore. To dream and visualize. To say no to
distractions and social obligations when it’s time to write.
Read more and devote time to learning on your own if something isn’t
clear. You are asked to indulge me – and attend to every video or
poem or bit of information I send your way.
I have curated each and put a lot of thought into sending it your way.
Everything is of value.
Becoming a season writer takes years. It is a way of living.
While writing your book step a little deeper into that magical world,
and you might find you will like it a lot more than you fear it. Writing is
healing and it will change you and your world. I know this.
It has changed mine and many many multitudes of writers
across time and place.
If we need to adjust or change something, we can find solutions.
Perhaps you need more time to finish your book or something else
comes up. Let’s talk and make it work. TOGETHER! 
Enjoy the process!

Note: I do not provide copyediting.
(That might be an additional service you might need or might not
need, and is the final step before your book is ready for publication.)
Please understand that I will sometimes flag typos, or punctuation
errors, but the service I provide is not a copyediting or proofreading
service. If there is an ongoing pattern throughout the manuscript, I will
flag it the first few times and leave it to you to pinpoint the remaining
errors. My mission is not to fix these small errors but to help you write
your story.